Mike believes, first, success is a great motivator; second, success can’t be taught; third, success needs to be experienced. He creates an environment through his work for experiential success.

While working in both official languages (English & French), he helps his customers achieve business objectives through interactive programs targeted at improving corporate skills. While consulting in the pharmaceutical and IT industry in Canada and the Unites States, Mike provides value in bringing to life programs using his unique perspective for his clients to meet their needs.

With over 15 years working in large international companies, Mike has extensive experience leading cross-functional teams to deliver on projects within matrix organizations.

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Lisa is an accomplished coach and trainer that champions people to discover and leverage their full potential. She excels at providing inspired development to high performing professionals that are looking to bring their careers or their businesses to the next level.

Her coaching and facilitation style is a combination of creativity, emotional intelligence, intuition, communication skills, and intellect. When she taps into her mojo, she’s “all-in” and plays “full-out.” She combines these qualities with her professional experience to help individuals, teams, and organizations discover and realize their full potential.

Her experience includes developing and facilitating training for an entire sales force and management team,creation of systems and processes to manage large-scale growth, and presenting to large audiences at National Sales Meetings. Currently, she coaches and trains clients across multiple industries and specializes in career transition, leadership, sales, and communication skills.