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Surviving 4 hours of Virtual Training

Surviving 4 hours of Virtual Training

Do virtual meetings make you nervous because you feel they are less efficient? Are you concerned that you might be wasting both your time and the participants time? Not sure of the best practices in delivering virtual training?

This week I had the chance to speak with Patrick Lizotte, a facilitator, trainer, coach, and all-around sales guru. Like many of us in the learning and development space, we have shifted our training to virtual. This gave us a chance to share best practices on how to make these sessions more engaging.

I asked Patrick 5 questions that we used to get our conversation going.

  1. What have you learned about yourself?
  2. What was easy for you?
  3. How do you keep people engaged?
  4. What was hard for you?
  5. What 3 things would you recommend when running virtual training
During this time of isolation and social distancing, it's important to share knowledge and experience with each other so collectively we can improve.

To help improve your own virtual facilitation skills, we have developed a facilitator self-assessment scorecard.

If you would like to have a more in-depth conversation on how to run virtual training sessions, reach out to either Patrick or myself for a conversation.

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