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How to deliver Kick-Ass Virtual Training

virtual meetings with Michael Wallace

How to deliver Kick-Ass Virtual Training

When I say Kick-Ass, I am referring to that sweet spot where your magnificence as a facilitator and the virtual platform combine to become something new

You can almost say that in some ways it is better than spending a whole day sitting in a conference room with your colleagues to learn something new.

How can it be better? Let’s look at the silver lining this whole pandemic has provided us. We spend our days working in our pajamas, showers are optional, make-up is left in the drawer and depending on your living situation, deodorant might not be a daily thing anymore. Now, let’s move to the productivity gains of your work. If you are lucky enough to be living in a kid free zone, then you have probably noticed it takes you half the time to get things done for work. You are free of distractions from people dropping by your office to chit chat or get your opinion on a project or issue. You aren’t spending that wasted time commuting to the office and instead gain another 2 hours in your day to spend it on what you want.

This new reality is looking pretty sweet at this point. So why are you complaining about all of this virtual training you have to attend?

Oh, I forgot, you’ve been spending the last 3 months stuck on virtual meetings that are so routine you have checked out in the first 5 minutes, turned your video off, and started flipping through Tik-Tok. Let me show you something different and give you a glimpse of what your virtual training and meetings could be like.

I have a disclaimer before you watch the attached video. If you or your facilitator is a complete bore in front of groups – this won’t help you. This video is about hitting that sweet spot of connecting to your facilitator magnificence and the virtual platform you use.

So, if you are ready, I would like to introduce my colleague and friend Julie Kruse

She is a sales training consultant and like me, does a lot of work with pharmaceutical sales organizations. I picked her brain recently after she had delivered a few virtual training sessions for her client. She had a lot to say and some pearls of wisdom in order for you to run Kick-Ass virtual sessions.

Enjoy the show!!
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