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 Motorcycle Metaphor

You get up in the morning with your engine fired up. Your feet hit the floor, and things start happening. You have drive and purpose that keeps you excited. When you get to the office and look at your team around you, you don’t see that same drive, that same passion. Your team doesn’t have that same engagement that you feel.

Employee engagement is the leading driver of productivity and retention issues in organizations today. As a leader, you have a direct impact on how engaged your teams are.


Through the unique perspective of the motorcycle metaphor, the author takes you on a journey of discovering your leadership and how you can impact people around you. You will learn what gets in the way of engaging teams and specifically, what you can do to impact the situations positively. You will learn how to create an environment of success for your team to experience and work through difficult situations with your group and individuals.


The journey starts with understanding what drives you and connecting your team to that same drive. You will discover how to attract your tribe of people and build the support you need to be successful as a leader in today’s environment.


Leading and engaging employees takes more than team building exercises and speeches from the podium. It takes leaders who connect to what is important to them and their teams. Great leaders set the direction and lead by example while at the same time looking behind them to ensure their people are always with them.