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Leadership & Communication

Leadership is the human behaviour that generates the most research. On Amazon, over 3000 books on leadership were listed last year, and 12,000 in the last five years. We look to our leaders to take initiative, inspire teams, take action and drive business results. Encouraging leadership and fostering the communication that is required by great leaders are critical development areas.

Impactful Leadership and Persuasion

This two day program begins with a discussion around leadership and leadership situations we find ourselves in. It quickly segues into personal persuasion and how we influence others. Tools and models are introduced to help us understand the various elements that go into leading and persuading individuals and groups. The program then expands on persuasion by incorporating the personal style model where the participants experience how they need to adjust their style when influencing others. Persuasion is also about being prepared and understanding the various forces at play when influencing others.

Everyday Leadership

Everyday Leadership is targeted towards core performers that need to step into leadership with their teams and colleagues to achieve business objectives. The program helps participants identify their leadership comfort zones and where they need to stretch. Everyday Leaders are measured by their positive impact on others and their ability to achieve results in collaboration with others, which involves effective feedback and giving direction while being mindful of impact on others.

Team Dynamics

Immerse your team in an experience where we build the foundation of trust and introduce them to effective conflict resolution as we build the high-performance team. Individuals embrace their own leadership and unique impact, while the group works to identify and eliminate what isn’t working for the team.

Effective Communication: Leveraging Adult Learning Principles

Many people have information to share with the sales team – from product knowledge to marketing plans and promotions. Ensuring that this information is communicated in a manner that sticks, makes it more effective. Using the principles of adult learning, and different styles participants work on real life examples in this interactive workshop.

Persuasive Presentations

Few types of communication are as important as presentation skills. A great presentation from a leader has the ability to transform teams and persuade audiences. Persuasive presentation skills are also a prerequisite for sales success. This interactive workshop is a model of effective presentation enabling the participants to envision success and the path to improvement. Through sharing successes and failures, everyone identifies their own style and connects to the development process taking away a clear course or action.

Life sciences


Small to medium sized pharmaceutical & biologics companies struggle with being under-resourced to reach sales targets.

Salesforce effectiveness and training falls onto the sales and marketing leadership team that are challenged to develop and execute marketing plans and tactics. Partnering with Fascinnovation allows you to focus on your true objectives while we take care of the development and execution of your salesforce training needs.


One of the leading causes of new hire turnover is a poor onboarding process that creates frustration and diminishes the new employee’s confidence in being successful at a new job. Salespeople are motivated by success, customizing the onboarding process to the company culture while allowing for flexibility, allows new employees to experience success quickly.

Sales Meetings

Sales meetings are meant to reenergize and up-skill your salesforce so they can attack opportunities for growth in their territories. Leveraging some traditional training practices and mixing in the unexpected creates an innovative learning experience where the material sticks.

Product Launch Training

Launching a new product can often make or break organizations. When done well, you set a strong foundation for accelerated product adoption and market share gains. Training the sales teams to execute on the strategy at the right time is one of the critical elements of an effective launch.

Selling Skills

Having a sales team with impeccable product and market knowledge is only part of the equation. Equipping your sales teams with effective leadership, communication and persuasion skills helps round out a high performing sales team. The material is customized for specific client needs to determine which gaps exist and prioritizing critical areas.

Field Coaching

Even the best training programs will fail if the right follow-up and reinforcement is not included. Effective field coaching has been shown to improve performance and create real change in behavior. The key to field coaching is to coach the whole person and we can help your sales representatives achieve results by enabling them to experience success.