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Tools Access


Our team of experts have put together many resources to help you grow and be more effective.

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ebook cover Thinking outside the Classroom

In a virtual world how do you design and facilitate engaging and productive meetings?

Click here to download the ebook produced in conjunction with Julie Kruse.

Facilitator Assessment tool Michaeal Wallace

As a facilitator, it is important to take a few minutes after finishing a virtual meeting to assess your perceived performance. Try to be honest with yourself so that you can leverage the areas you are strong in and address the areas that you need to work on for the next session.

For each statement, rate yourself on how well you did. Tally the results to see your ranking. For a more complete assessment, compare these results with the Participant Engagement Assessment.

Click here to download a tool to assess your virtual facilitation skills. You’ll also receive our monthly news.

As Leaders, our impact on others is supercharged and we are often unaware of it. We take actions that have outcomes and those outcomes can either have an intended impact or an unintended impact. Learn how to leverage your impact and take responsibility when your impact creates a mess.

Click here to download a tool to understand your unique impact. You’ll also receive our monthly news.